Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home from Argonne

So I realized that just like with journaling, blogging tends to fall by the wayside once you get busy. That's good and bad I guess. The trip home today went pretty smoothly. Fortunately, on the return trip I did not miss my connecting flight back. It was cool this morning because I got to ride in a limo with 2 of my friends to the airport, but I had this nagging feeling that I was going to get stuck with a big bill because of a miscommunication with the booking agent. I wish I didn't get petty stuff like this bother me because I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get reimbursed through the laboratory, but I was upset that the instructions were so unclear!

Grrr... this reminds me of the bike thing that happened on Friday, but I really should just let these negative feelings fade away. I'm happy to be home, although I kind of argued with my mom 2x already. I feel like she can't resist. That's a terrible thing to say, but I'm usually a pretty "happy go lucky" person, but I get really annoyed when I can't just relax and unpack at my own pace. The problem with living on your own is that once you have a taste of freedom it's hard (or nearly impossible) to go back to living under "parental constraints." Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my parents dearly, and I owe pretty much everything to them, but at a certain point, they have to start loosening the reins. Which, I would say they have for the most part, but there are still vestiges of the old ways!

I was a little disappointed that my sister wasn't home, but I know that I'll be seeing her in a few hours. I should be pretty elated at this point, and just push away any negativity, because I really have been so blessed this summer in so many ways. Amazing friends, stimulating environment (for the most part), and a great location. God really allowed me to grow this summer, but I still have a lot of room for soul growth as my previous pettiness about a stupid receipt and bickering with my mom demonstrates. Oh well, I still am not a grown up yet.

There are many pictures that I want to post, but unfortunately, my USB cable has been misplaced in the shuffle between the dorms and home. Hopefully the new one will arrive soon, and it will be compatible with my camera also. Silly e-bay. I guess it's time for bed, but it's nice to have an evening vent.

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