Friday, June 26, 2009

Gardening Project

I've been working on making a terraced garden in our backyard. It involves much more work than I anticipated, but it's been keeping me busy, and digging for hours and other forms of manual labor is a great workout. Much better than sitting around the house watching our 5 channels. Yes, we no longer have cable.

That is not the only reason I want to make a garden though. For some reason this year I've become very interested in growing things, learning about composting, and trying to understand the differences between organic gardening and permaculture. As I am still learning, this will be an incomplete entry, but I'm going to try and document the garden as it progresses. Let's hope the weather cooperates. The part that I am most excited for is of course choosing the plants to go in the garden and watching them grow.

We have rabbits, birds, and deer galore so trying to work out a peaceful compromise with all garden inhabitants should be another challenge and pleasure.

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